Have you noticed that everything is now made in Asia! ..........It is for this reason that we moved to Hong Kong to offer you a European Design and Production consultancy "on site". We are well placed to fully utilise the facilities of South East Asia for your manufacturing or printing.

We work with manufacturers throughout the region and we understand your concerns. This invaluable knowledge is seamlessly integrated into your project.

We can take your project from the initial sketches through to the finished product. We can also get your product tested so that it will meet standards such as TUV, AST 963, EN71, ICTI etc.. We will then ship it to your warehouse by sea or by air, Hong Kong has a very efficient containerised sea port and the most modern airport in the world.

We have experience of :

    • Tool Making
    • Injection molding
    • Rotation molding
    • Blow molding
    • Stamping & Pressing
    • IC production & Programming
    • Custom LCD production
    • PCB production
    • Offset web printing
    • Sheet feed printing