July 2018 - City E Scooter

Defence and Security show 2013, London

Looking for an easy eco friendly way to travel then rent a scooter,

November 2017 - Senior Care

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA has been designing some new products for the elderly

August 2017 - Wash away your cares

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA has been developing some new showerheards to help you freshen up!

March 2017 - Greentech Fuel Saver Graphics

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA designed some new graphics for a brand new fuel saving product for Greentech Products

February 2017 - Greentech Logo

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA designed a new logo for Greentech Products

October 2016 - Retrospective View of the World

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA designed a new retro slide viewer.

September 2016 - Keep the Kids Safe!

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA has been developing a child's smart safety watch to ensure that parents can track their young children and know they are safe!

July 2016 - Alexander the Great's Horse Rides Again

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA has designed a new logo for Bucephalus Research Associates, who specialise in uncovering creative accounting.

March 2016 - Lover's Dream

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA managed the production and quality control for the innovative Lover's dream, pleasure product.

July 2015 - CMDA Pinned onto Pinterest

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA is now on Pinterest have a look at our boards.

November 2014 - Ecobelle Point of Sale

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA designed and manufactered the new POS for Ecobelle

September 2013 - CMDA is active on Facebook

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA is now active on Facebook, check out our page.

September 2013 - DSEI The Defence & Security Industry Show, in London

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA is exhibiting at the DSEI in London for the first time, to show Product design and development for the Defence and Security industries.

November 2014 - CMDA Helps and Eco focused brand

Defence and Security show 2013, London

CMDA created the new brand name and logo for Ecobelle

August 2013 - Aton Assets Branding

Aton Assets Asia branding

CMDA has created a dynamic visual corporate identity for the financial firm Aton Assets Asia Ltd, echoing the heritage of the Egyptian god of the same name, (sometimes spelt Aten).

June 2013 - HP Military USB

Mil Tac Searchlight

CMDA has designed a military grade encrypted USB to secure your intel and comms.

May 2013 - American Club

American Club Hong Kong

Floor Plan layout planning for the new American Club in Hong Kong.

February 2013 - Shattucks St. Marys

Shattucks St. Marys School

CMDA designed the Architectural presentation for the Shattucks St. Mary's USA school proposal in Hong Kong for the HK Government review.

January 2013 - Power Slate Branding

Powerslate branding

CMDA has created a striking branding for the new Power Slate to recharge your mobile devices when travelling.

November 2012 - MIL TAC

Mil Tac Searchlight

CMDA has designed a Mil Tac Search light, to inspect under vehicles and maintain base security.

October 2012 -Naval Ops Diving Equipment

Naval Ops Diving Analyzer

CMDA designed a Naval ops Oxygen analyser for deep diving.

January 2012 - Compact Kitchen Storage

Food Storage

Store your food safely and easily in the new space saving storage containers designed to be used easily with one hand.

December 2011 - Industrial Grade Truck Starter

CMDA have a designed an industrial jump starter to power up the large dump trucks, cranes and tanks.

November 2011 - Super Clean Flooring

steam floor mop

A new electric steam mop to cut through the dirt and clean your kitchen floor, that will be launched in April 2012.

May 2011 - It's my bag!

Micro shopping bag

CMDA have designed a new compact shopping bag for the European market. It stores in its own micro pouch and then expands to carry a full load of shopping.

April 2011 - Super slim not super size

Tone up your stomach muscles and others with our new electronic massager, lie back and get a six pack.

February 2011 - Nuremberg trade fair

CMDA attended the Nuremberg trade fair to meet our European clients.

December 2010 - Prepare to dock "Major Tom"

CMDA has just designed a sleek multi function IPAD dock, with a very keen price point, that will be revealed at CES 2011 in Las Vegas 

October 2010 - MP3

CMDA has designed an MP3 player for beginners with a slimline and stylish exterior, which will be "unboxed" in 2011 

July 2010 - Supercharge Your Car!

CMDA has designed a new innovative Battery Charger, with a striking form factor at a very competitive price point.

June 2010 - Winkku Packaging

CMDA has just designed some new Winkku packaging to reduce shelf space and shipping costs

June 2010- Chicco Rainbow Activity Phone on Amazon.com

LL on Amazon.com states" My son enjoys this toy even though he is still unable to actually push the buttons. He can pull on the handpiece and the whole phone rolls towards him"

April 2010 - Chicco Butterfly Spinner/Trotolla -Lots of fun! - Amazon.com

Karen S. Richards on Amazon.com states "Its hard to beat this adorable top. Lots of sensory stimulation in a safe and easy to push top for your little one. The butterfly and the flower motif is very engaging. Great play value"

March 2010 - The Ultimate Test

CMDA has designed a new hand held battery tester, that is ideal for single handed use in a busy professional garage.

January 2010 - Chicco twist 'N turn rattle

Amazon.co.uk consumer K.Sqintani, gives the CMDA designed rattle some good feedback, saying "This is a great toy for our 6 month old. He holds, shakes, turns and enjoys it LOTS"

November 2009 - Chicco Smile Camera review

The Chicco Smile camera is reviewed on Camera.toysreview.co.cc, and they liked the CMDA designed smiling LED feature of the camera.

November 2009 - Chicco Rainbow Sphere Rattle-"Sure fire Hit"

Katie Sobol on Amazon.co.uk like the CMDA designed Rainbow Sphere Rattle and stated it is a "A good colourful toy for a baby...a surefire hit!"

July 2009 - Shh........Micro Cooker

A very new form of cooker, about nothing can be revealed just yet........

June 2009 - Steam Press

CMDA designed a new steam press for the US market with a very competitive price point

December 2008 - Chicco Smile Camera "Best Toy of the Year Award"

The Chicco Smile camera is awarded the "Best Toy of the Year Award" by Parents Magazine. It also won a National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA)

December 2008 - Chicco In-Line Skates loved by Grandson

Gaige's Grandma on Amazon.com was very pleased with her purchase of the CMDA designed Chicco inline skates." He loved them and did not want to take them off!"

Dec 2008 - Clore battery skins

Some new "Skins" for a Clore professional battery charger.

Oct 2008 - Chicco baby monitor reviews

A positive review on productreview.com.au , by a consumer on the CMDA designed Chicco Baby Monitor

August 2008 - Winkku factory audit and production management

CMDA undertook several factory production audits, to ensure the product is manufactured to the high quality demanded by customers of the Winkku brand.

May 2008 - Ruffer Asia logo

CMDA designed a new logo for the boutique London financial firm Ruffer that specialises on bespoke financial investment for a select group of clients in Europe and Asia.

April 2008 - Stop Thief!!!....New bike locks

Keep your bike safe with some new CMDA designed bike locks

April 2008 - Breathe easy, Teledyne O2 diving analyser launched.

The CMDA designed O2 diving analyser from Teledyne is launched. At a quarter of the size of competitors and it's bright diving yellow.

April 2008 - Looking good!! Shades of style.

CMDA created a product display system for a Safilo which is a major international eyewear manufacturer and brand

February 2008 - Kinesiology branding-feel great!

A complete brand identity for the Hong Kong Kinesiology centre.

January 2008 - Pre-loaded music

MP3 player packaging management

January 2008 - Spiderman goes swimming

Spiderman fights crime......... underwater!! Swimming equipment for kids makes a splash.

November 2007 - Raleigh Helmet

A best selling CMDA designed Raleigh helmet has been updated.

November 2007 - Interactivity

Creation of a complete, interactive product strategy for a major international brand.

August 2007 - Solar powered car recharger

Keep your battery charged at all times using abundant solar energy

June 2007 - Breathe Easy-Chicco Nebuliser

Is your asthma making you miserable? Breathe easily the Chicco nebuliser provides the solution.

July 2007 - Solar charged, mobile phone charger.

Charge your phone from the power of the sun.

June 2007 - Fun, funky diving equipment for children.

Diving, equipment for kids with a major twist!

March 2007 - Ultra rugged, shake-to-power, outdoor torch.

Never get lost in the woods again with this self charging, indestructible torch.

March 2007 - Packaging for DuPont

Designs and production of packaging for DuPont.

March 2007 - Roll Up, Roll Up.....Puchase your Powerboat R/C here!!!

Get wet and wild with one of our CMDA designed radio controlled powerboats, now available at JC Penneys.

February 2007 - Chicco twist 'N turn rattle

The CMDA designed Chicco twist 'N turn rattle is launched

February 2007 - Steam & Vac, Sanitise those little germs and suck-up dust too!!

Vacuum and steam in one stride!! Steam clean your floor boards and pick up dust at the same time!

January 2007 - Get all your communist goods at..... www.bigredflag.net

CMDA has been commissioned to design the logo and website for www.bigredflag.net

An online shopping site that you can purchase any communist related products.

January 2007 - High visibility cyclist protection

New high visibility visor for cyclists. Always see where you are going and let others see you too!!

December 2006 - Washing Up Liquid Packaging

Sparkling new packaging for washing up liquid sachets and bottles.

November 2006 - ECO product line

Environmentally friendly products to keep the world greener.

October 2006 - Fresh Filtered Air

Packaging for Dupont automotive air filters.

September 2006 - Safer Cycling

Brighten up your path way by using a LED cycling product.

August 2006 - CMDA designed Kinox Products

Buy a CMDA designed Atom Kettle and Athena Beverage Thermos at Kinox

July 2006 - Incoming...Game On!

A new CMDA designed remote controlled electronic game caller for those who like to hunt in the wild by Primos

June 2006- Chicco Rainbow Activity Phone

The CMDA designed Chicco Rainbow Activity Phone is launched, that is designed to entice babies and stimulate their motor sensory skills, and also imitate their parents on the phone!!

June 2006 - Canyon Cobra Cycling Helmet

Designed by CMDA, the Canyon Cobra Cycling Helmet is available to purchase at Argos

May 2006 - Xtra Xtreme Colour Options

Two more colour options of our popular Xtreme Cycling Helmet at Argos

April 2006 - Xtreme Colour Options

More colours of our Xtreme Cycling Helmet are available at Mail Order Bikes www.mailorderbikes.com

March 2006 - Canyon Bryce Cycling Helmet

Designed by CMDA, buy the Canyon Bryce Cycling Helmet at Argos

February 2006 - Get Cleaned Up!

A new range of personal and household cleaning products, designed with women in mind.

January 2006 - Smell the Coffee!!

CMDA designed a 12v Coffee maker for those travelling coffee addicts. Its simple plug in and brew your freshly filtered coffee!

December 2005 - Boo!

Fun joke products coming to scare you now!

November 2005 - Chicco Utensils are a Movie Star!

A popular French movie "Mean Spirit" featured our Chicco utensils mug and dishes.

The movie is also now available in Cantonese.

Please Click for close-up images.

October 2005 - Chicco Butterfly Spinner

The Chicco Butterfly Spinner designed by CMDA is launched

October 2005 - Car Wash!!

One for those car valets, an innovative automotive car sprayer.

October 2005 - On the Spotlight

Buy one of CMDA designed flashlights from www.amazon.com

September 2005 - Water, Water!!

New light weight carbon fibre bottle holders for thirsty cyclists.

August 2005 - Hide and Seek!!

A security safe disguised as an ordinary soft drink bottle. Items such as watches, keys or cash can be stored inside this unique designed diversion safe.

July 2005 - Mega boost

Coleman Powermate megaboost jumpstarter designed by CMDA is launched

July 2005 - Ice, Ice Baby!!

Keep your drinks cool by adding ice, from a newly designed Ice Maker by CMDA.

July 2005 - Inflating!

Buy this little baby from www.bizrate.com, to blow up all your inflatable items.

June 2005 - Secure? Check!!

A new easy to use helmet strap safety system for a new range of cycling helmets.

April 2005 - Protect your Noggin!!

A new range of cycling helmets designed to be stylish, aerodynamic and to keep your head cool.

March 2005 - Plan B!!

A new DVD back-up battery with a time indicator for those extra long DVD movies.

February 2005 - Jumpstart & Keep cool!

Buy this combo pack from www.amazon.com. Keep cool with a cool soda while jumpstarting your motor.

February 2005 - SK8 safe!!

An exciting range of skating helmets designed to keep your head cool and protect you in the half pipe.

January 2005 - Viva Las Vegas!!

Reviews of the launch of CMDAs headphones at CES 2005 in Engadget, Coolhunting, Cnet and Trusted review.

January 2005 - Look no wires!

A neck style headphone that uses a new digital wireless technology for those who enjoy their music on the move.

December 2004 - Invisible wires!!

An over the head style headphone with a new digital wireless technology, which features crystal clear sound quality at long range.

November 2004 - Jump!, Jump!

Buy a CMDA designed jumpstarter to jump you motor's dead battery. Get one from www.amazon.com

November 2004 - Big Brother!!

A wireless digital security camera, that is wall mountable, rust proof and at very low manufacturing cost!

October 2004 - It's in the details!

A range of quality auto detailing accessories for the automotive enthusiast, who wants to keep their vehicles in showroom condition.

September 2004 - Finger on the Sensor!

A Biometric steel safe that requires your fingerprint identification to get inside it. Up to 5 users can be stored to enter the biometric safe.

August 2004 - Power Bar DVD Battery!!

On a long journey? Then a CMDA designed DVD battery pack will come in handy for those tedious waiting ques or epic 3hour long movies.

July 2004 - Guns at the Ready!!

Use this digital game caller to lure your unsuspecting targets into your sights and then..........Bang!!!

May 2004 - Bring on the Juice!!

A DVD battery that adds more viewing time to your portable DVD player.

April 2004 - City Mate!!

A jumpstarter designed for the city traveller. Integrated into this compact unit is a removable Fluorescent lamp, Compressor, Inflator, twin 12v sockets, Power Inverter and FM Radio. All that you need in an emergency breakdown.

February 2004 - Hummmmmmm!

A new addition to the Hummer family. A crate style, super chunky jumpstarter with FM radio, ultra bright white LED's and a detachable lamp for those dark winter breakdowns.

January 2004 - Dust and Water Cocktail

A portable Scuncii canister vacuum cleaner that can be used at home or in your car to suck up all your dust mites and spillages at the same time.

December 2003 - Water Too HOT try a Dolphin ??

Redeem 21,000 of your Standard Chartered credit card Bonus points and for one of CMDA designed Chicco Dolphin bath thermometers.

December 2003 - Shocking!!

Dead Battery? Don't worry, more jumpstarter's/ compressors with built in lamps will be available for you to start your vehicles in all weather conditions.

November 2003 - Engines RRReady?

A radio controlled offshore powerboat that can take on any other water vehicle. This agile battery powered boat manoeuvres just like the real thing!

October 2003 - Tough Flashlight

Designed with echo's of the oversized Hummer vehicle, the ultra tough rugged flashlight can withstand drops and knocks.

September 2003 - Just Cruisin!

A radio controlled pickup truck that has several external moving parts for towing other vehicles or objects.

August 2003 - 3, 2 ,1 Go, Go, Go...

A scalectrix type of Formula 1 car that has an aero dynamic shape which is ultra smooth with minimal drag.

July 2003 - All terrain buggy

A dune buggy with an aggressive appearance, this mean buggy is the only one that has the power to match its looks!

June 2003 - Happy sweeping!

A battery powered carpet/ floor sweeper designed to sweep up dirt from all types of floor surfaces.

June 2003 - Lighten Up!

A ceiling light bulb cover designed for the China market, that is affordable and simple to fit to the existing light fitting.

May 2003 - It's for you!

Designed for the European market, the compact home DECT phone can be wall mounted or free standing. Additional features such as an inbuilt answer machine and LCD caller display adds to the list of specifications.

May 2003 - Medical Grade "Analyse this Doc!"

A super compact user friendly oxygen analyser for hospitals that helps to save lives.

April 2003 - Steam power!

CMDA has designed a floor steamer suitable for cleaning and maintaining tiled or laminated flooring.

April 2003 - Safety first!

CMDA has designed a safety helmet for rollerskaters, rollerbladers and skate boarders.  

March 2003 - Crumpled shirt? Steam it!

A garment steamer that gets rid of any creases in all types of clothing. The steamer allows the user to steam clothing with ease, simply hang it up and run the hand held steamer head over it.

February 2003 - Dirty! Not a problem we suck it up!

A powerful 12v portable vacuum cleaner for cars, caravan's and boats. The portable vacuum can suck up small solids and even fluids.

January 2003 - Mocha on the move

Two more portable 12v coffee makers are on their way near you.

December 2002 - Keep Cool!

Numerous portable handheld fans designed my CMDA will be keeping your temperatures down this summer.

November 2002 - Entertain me!

Designed by CMDA, an ultra slim portable MP3 player with radio capabilities will soon be entertaining many music lovers all over Asia.

November 2002 - Chill Out!

A new range of compact 12v travel cooler boxes have been launched in the US. The cooler boxes can cool and heat refreshments while on the move.

November 2002 - Pump It Up!

A brand new range of 12v compact and user friendly compressors have just been launched in the US.

October 2002 - Youth Helmet Grows Up!

The Extreme Helmet that was designed for the UK youth market is now being sold in Europe and Australasia and is also being produced in Adult sizes.

September 2002 - Chicco GaGaGoo Baby Monitor

A 2-way and 1 way baby monitor that CMDA designed for Chicco has been launched on to the market. The baby monitors have been very well received by parents due to the clarity and user friendliness of the products.

August 2002 - CMDA Launches brand new Corporate Identity

CMDA announces the launch of its more dynamic corporate identity that better reflects the design philosophy of the company and its vision for the future.

August 2002 - Sports Torch gets New Jackets

New Die Cast Aluminum and Camouflage versions of the 3 million candle powered Sports torch that CMDA designed and launched in May has been launched in the US.

July 2002 - Bicycle Helmet - Top of its class

The new bicycle helmet designed for Raleigh Bicycles was the top choice and scored the highest points for design, functionality, user friendliness and overall aesthetics voted by a panel of experienced cyclists.

June 2002 - Chicco Yum Yum!

The launch of an innovative range of baby dishes for Chicco, the dishes make use of double injection moulding to add variety of colours and detail's to this product category. Underneath the dishes, we made use of suction pads to stop the baby from tipping the dish over.

May 2002 - CMDA lights the way

CMDA's new high powered 3 million candle power sports torches have been released in the USA and have had dramatically increased sales for Coleman Powermate.

April 2002 - Hot coffee anyone?

The new classically designed Thermos for the catering industry is launched, that is easier to use and low cost to manufacture.

December 2001 - Rainbow Tower Stacking Toy-Toy of the year award!!

Parenting.com awarded one of CMDA's toy designs for Chicco, Toy of the Year Award 2001.


October 2001 - CMDA races to the finish

One of CMDA's clients chose to launch its corporate identity with a sponsorship of a Formula 3 racing car.

July 2001 - Mook Magazine

Designed by CMDA, the Atom kettle was featured in the July 2001 Dream Design edition of Design Dreams Magazine (Mook Magazine)

June 2001 - East Touch Feature / Office Expansion

One of the Chicco Smile camera designed by CMDA was featured as a fashionable accessory for women in one of the major Hong Kong fashion magazine- East Touch.


CMDA is delighted to announce a move to a larger, new office at 21b Jervois Street, Central Hong Kong with immediate effect.

March 2001 - Technology Upgrade

We have recently upgraded our 3D CAD facilities and can handle both Surface (Rhino v2.0 ) and Solid Modellers (Solidworks 2001) as well as ProEngineer or Unigraphics files and can offer a broad range of rapid prototyping services.


13 March 1999 - Cyberport

Hong Kong has recently announced that it will create a Cyberport in Pokfulam on Hong Kong Island, this will enable the territory to maintain its position as one of the key technology center's in Asia. All the major players such as Apple Computers, Sun, Silicone Graphics, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft have stated that they will be investing in the Cyberport.

31 December 1998 - Pan Asian Design Competition

CMDA won an Excellent Award in the Hong Kong Designers Association Pan Asian Design Competition, for their Diving Toys, designed for the Hong Kong company Alliance Pet Care (The design has also resulted in several patents being granted due to the innovative nature of the product.).

20 December 1997 - Best Consumer Product Award

Prior to this in 1997 CMDA were the recipients of the Chartered Society of Designers' (Hong Kong) prestigious Best Consumer Product Award. Awarded for their Hamster House also designed for Alliance it reflects the previous years of hard work put in by the CMDA team.